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May 16 2015


Things You Need to Know About Glider Gloves

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What is touchscreen? A touchscreen is an input device in itself layered over the display screen or monitor of a gadget or a machine that has a central processing unit, and/or a graphics processing unit, thus capable of processing information.

What is a glove? A glove is a form of protection usually against cold worn in the hands formed as such that it has separate sections for each finger and the thumb.

What is a touchscreen glove? The best example for this is Glider Glove.Glider Glove is a Canadian based company which is in the industry of making high quality touchscreen gloves. They initially marketed their touchscreen gloves in Canada and have expanded to USA, Sweden and Switzerland. They're a group of young adventurous individuals with diverse expertise from Engineering to Business fields. They are tech savvies themselves who are always looking out for the latest technologies. They know what the word "cold" means better than anyone else, they're from Canada! And you can't expect a more meticulously conceived idea for a touchscreen glove than what they make. Their Glider Glove product made a big impact in the market scene in year 2011 and now being sold among the most popular retail stores worldwide. Now, Glider Glove made its way across the Pacific going south, and found its way in the market of touchscreen gloves for Australia. It has the uncommon combination of ultra-high responsiveness of an uncovered hand and high quality comfort found in an expensive cloth glove. The high responsiveness came from a special micro fiber weaved into the whole glove, not only on the finger tips, acting as an extension of your hands in terms of conduction. You can use it with your gadget as if your using your naked hands. It has high quality comfort and warmth as well as durability, thanks to multiple layers of fine thermal cloth and soft brush inner lining.

You can also choose between the Urban and the winter styles. The former is for shorter trips to your supermarket, you day-to-day hike to the subway and your afternoon walks with Lassie. It has a slim fit design and will look good with your business attire. The latter is for your a lot longer outdoor shindigs and provides more warmth with its thicker insulation. Whatever you do, whatever your plan is today, wherever you're going, as long as it’s cold, you need Glider Gloves. You'll never know when you'll need to use your touchscreen device because you can be high tech, even in extreme situations, even in the cold, without freezing. To view the website of Glider Glove you can go to glidergloves.com. You will find useful information about the company and the products they offer as well as locations of retail stores that carry the brand worldwide. You can place your orders be it retail or wholesale. They accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. And this source will directly bring you their retail sales page:glidergloves.com. So what are you looking for? Check out their website today.

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